Leadership Studies

Saint Martin’s first doctoral program is designed to empower the next generation of researchers, scholars and practitioners to make significant contributions to the field of leadership studies while addressing the pressing need for leadership in today’s world. Please note: F1 and J1 status international students are not eligible for the Ph.D. program. Ph.D. 申请现已截止. 申请程序将于2023年8月1日开放. 请参阅以下申请要求了解更多信息.


Saint Martin's Ph.D. 领导力研究提供:

  • 博士学位建立在一个 Benedictine 文科方法
  • Rigorous yet practical courses grounded in prevailing theory and a social change/transformation orientation
  • 以合作的方式处理学生和教师之间的关系
  • 为领导者为全球社会做贡献做准备
  • 靠近州议会大厦, providing graduates local opportunities across a variety of sectors
  • 以混合在线方式提供的课程
  • 每年夏天都会有新的队列开始
  • Residency Week 2023: pre-work May 15-29, course days (via Zoom) May 30-June 3

Leadership Studies Requirements

Interview days will be offered during the third week of February, March, and April

Important: F1 and J1 status international students are not eligible for the Ph.D. program.

Applicants must submit all of the required materials for University graduate admission (see the graduate admission section of the catalog) plus the following program specific materials:

  • 地区认可机构的硕士学位
  • A minimum of three letters of recommendation sent directly from the letter writer to the University (two of which should be from a faculty member who can speak to academic readiness for a doctoral degree)
  • A 750 word (or one and a half pages typed and double spaced) written statement of purpose in which applicants describe their preparation for the program, 希望进入该计划的原因, 职业目标
  • A 1,000 word (or three to five pages typed and double spaced) written scholarly response to provided article
  • Applicant interview
  • 3 - 5年专业工作经验

In addition to the application, applicants may send forms, fees, and letters of recommendation to:

5000 Abbey Way SE
Lacey, WA 98503-7500

Candidates plan courses of study in consultation with a program advisor. 该课程计划未经事先批准不得更改.

攻读博士学位的学生.D. degree in leadership studies must be accepted as a degree candidate.

To be a degree candidate, the student must complete the following:

  • Have completed the leadership studies core curriculum with their cohort
  • Be in good standing
  • 累积平均绩点达到3分.0
  • Successfully completed their expectations regarding comprehensive review of their candidacy (exam or other review established by the faculty)
  • Formed a dissertation committee (chairperson chosen and committee members identified with the chairperson)

Degree candidates must complete an approved course of 51 credit hours to secure their degree.


  • LD 801: Multi-disciplinary perspectives of leadership and practice
  • LD 802:知识、获取和研究的哲学
  • LD 803: Political, economic and social understandings of leadership
  • LD 804: Past, present and current leadership theories – future possibilities
  • LD 805: Leadership through the lens of power, freedom and change
  • LD 806:应用领导实践(博士实习)


  • Options to be determined by faculty teaching in current graduate programs and approved by your advisor/instructor. 转研究生学分也可以计算在这个领域.



  • ld810:应用统计及定量研究方法
  • LD 811:定性研究方法

Choose one of the following (choose what is needed for dissertation)

  • LD 901:先进的定量研究方法; or
  • LD 902:先进的定性研究方法; or
  • LD 903:行动研究方法; or
  • LD 904:历史研究方法


  • LD 910:论文提案
  • LD 911:论文1
  • LD 912:论文二

完成博士学位的平均时间.D. in leadership studies is two-and-a-half years for coursework with a self-paced dissertation to follow. With a full graduate load (six credits per semester and summer), it is possible to complete the program in three years (two years of intensive coursework and one year minimum for a dissertation).  

The Ph.D. program in leadership studies is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

After graduation, 学生可以选择成为大学或学院的教授, 教育管理人员(学前-12或高等教育), policy analysts, ministers, local leaders, evaluators, consultants, executive coaches, 或商业领袖(C-suite). Being located near the state capitol offers graduates the opportunity to contribute to our greater community as leaders across a variety of sectors.

Leadership Studies at a Glance

Program Type
Main (Lacey)
Type of Instruction

Academic excellence

Ph.D. candidates pose in regalia at the food of the Saint Martin's grand staircase, with the college banners behind them and other graduates gathering around

First Ph.D. 在靠谱电子游戏网站128年的历史中授予的文凭

SMU Leadership Studies students are professionals from many disciplines who helped build the doctoral program. Most students are full-time 工作的专业人士 who study under the direction of faculty from multiple disciplines. The doctoral students also develop their leadership knowledge by associating with peers who bring governance and management experiences from a variety of fields to the classroom.

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